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Our Drinking Straws

Core Beliefs

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; we strive to provide manufactures, retailers, and consumers with cost competitive solutions to environmentally harmful plastics.

Our Vision

We envision a future wherein all individuals and organizations make a conscience choice to reduce the use of tradionational petro-based plastic products so we can preserve our planet for generations to come.

Our Values

Our values are straight forward; we value our planet and the environment, innovation and sustainability, our team and our customers, and most importantly, integrity and honesty.

Certified Compostable Drinking Straws

At ForeverGreen Tech, LLC., we specialize in manufacturing certified compostable straws exclusively from BASF's Ecovio FS1606 biopolymers. These straws are manufactured in the United States and made from certified compostable resin. These are the superior straws in the market and contain all the benefits of traditional petro-based plastic straws all without the environmental harm petroleum-based plastic straws cause our planet.

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