About Us

Why ForeverGreen?

At ForeverGreen, we forsee a world wherein single-use products decompose naturally. We believe and strive for the natural lifecycle of each and every single-use product. While we understand certain plastic products should not decompose as the longevity and durability of its composition is essential to its utilization, we do believe that each single-use plastic product should be designed in a manner which allows for them to naturally decompose within a short period of time from its last use. This is what we focus on at ForeverGreen.

With a combined experience of over 5 decades, ForeverGreen specializes in creating biopolymer formulations to achieve the use of single-use products with end-of-life sustainability in mind. This is our effort in providing the global market with an opportunity to move away from traditional single-use products.

Our Initiation for this opportunity starts with our introduction of ForeverGreen FG633b1our biopolymer formulation designed for injection molding and compression molding of drinking bottle caps and packaging closures.

FG633b1 is ForeverGreen’s patent pending biodegradable compound containing renewable resources to be used in injection molding and/or compression molding processes for the manufacturing and productions of compostable caps and closures. FG633b1 is a compound of biodegradable, statistical, aliphatic-aromatic co-polyester, and a small amount of polylactic acid (PLA). It also contains anti-blocking and slip agents required for easy processing in conventional equipment. The degradation products are carbon dioxide, water and biomass which may occur by natural process in a composting environment.

What We Stand for?

  1. Reduces impact on the environment.
  2. Addresses social issues and improves the livelihoods of individuals and communities.
  3. Improves business' reputation through Corporate Social Responsibility.
  4. Saves money and reduces material, equipment and running costs, e.g., reducing the volume of waste sent to landfills could lower operating costs, and using energy and water efficient products and services significantly cuts utility bills.
  5. Saves natural resources, e.g., by choosing products and services that use recycled materials or waste as a raw material or resource.
  6. Reduces waste sent to landfill, e.g., by buying products which can be composted.
  7. Creates a market for new sustainable goods and materials to help the green economy grow and create new green jobs.
  8. Provides a competitive edge.
  9. Establishes new marketing values.

In addition to FG633b1, ForeverGreen Tech provides consumers with the ability to switch away from traditional single-use plastic drinking straws and paper straws and over to ForeverGreen's compostable drinking straws manufactured in the United States.

ForeverGreen's vision and mission is to provide businesses with the access to biopolymer formulation technology that fits the exact need and purpose of the product they are developing. We specialize in this and believe we can assist you in creating the perfect blend for your product application.