The Problem & Our Solution

The Global Problem

  1. The World generates over 300 Million tons of plastic waste per year. 75% of all plastic manufactured turns into waste. 50% of all plastic waste is Single Use Plastic (SUP). Once plastic enters the landfill, harmful gases are created that can contaminate soil and water, and directly affect the Earth's overall health.
  2. The Global 2020 revenue in the caps and closures industry is estimated to be $88 Billion. The Global production of caps and closures is estimated to be 2.8 Trillion units and 1.6 Trillion are the screw-on variety.
  3. Currently it is estimated over 100 Million plastic bottles and caps are used every day globally. These bottles are mostly made of PET plastics and may take as long as 450 years to degrade into micro-plastic that never go away.
  4. Over 10M tons of plastic waste reach our oceans,waterways and beaches every year. Accordingto a recent WWF report,it’sestimated anaverage person consumes about 5 grams ofmicro-plastics each week through normalwater and food consumption (equivalent to the size of a credit card).

Bottle caps are often so small that it’s easy to overlook the impact they have on the environment. If one is dropped on the ground at the park or the beach, it may be easily kicked aside or buried in the dirt or sand. “Recycling seems like a good option, but many cities don’t accept caps for recycling? For this reason and others, State and Local Municipalities are changing laws to limit or ban single-use plastics such has grocery bags, straws, and fast-food utensils.

ForeverGreenTech has developed several new plant-based biopolymer formulations that will run through existing compression and injection molding machines while using 50% less energy and which rapidly decompose back into their original plant-based organic form.


As seen in the below chart, the vast majority of plastic manufactured today is not recyclable, compostable or sustainable.

To illustrate the growing problem of Single Use Plastics, the chart below highlights the estimated exponential growth of non-recycled plastic by the year 2050.

The Global Solution

  1. ForeverGreen is committed to reducing plastic pollution in the World. The ForeverGreenname is a promise to manufacturers, retailers and consumers; “Our new biopolymer product solutions will have a significantly positive environmental impact.”
  2. ForeverGreen’s biopolymer formulations are a superior environmentally friendly, compostable, and recyclable product that will reduce the global impact of traditional Single Use Plastic caps and closures on the environment.

  3. ForeverGreen’s new biopolymer products address mounting social, economic, and environmental issues and improves the livelihoods of individuals and communities through responsible, sustainable plant-base solutions that affect our daily lives.

  4. ForeverGreen believes compostable single use products are the future and consumers will embrace this new technology and send less waste to landfills.