Product Information

ForeverGreen FG633b1

Biodegradable Compound for Compostable Caps & Closures

Biodegradable Polymers (Biopolymers)

Version 1.0 | July 2022

Product Description: FG633b1 is ForeverGreen’s patent pending biodegradable compound containing renewable resources to be used in injection molding and/or compression molding processes for the manufacturing and productions of compostable caps and closures. FG633b1 is a compound of biodegradable, statistical, aliphaticaromatic co polyester, and a small amount of polylactic acid (PLA). It also contains anti-blocking and slip agents required for easy processing in conventional equipment. The degradation products are carbon dioxide, water and biomass which may occur by natural process in a composting environment.


  • Translucent, Semi-Crystalline structure with DSC melting point at average 130 °C

  • High melt strength

  • Good thermostability up to 200 °C

  • Excellent processibility on conventional equipment

  • Good mechanical properties

  • Does not produce noxious off gas

  • Less odor

  • Excellent welding properties

  • Ready to use grade

  • Good printability without pre-treatment

Trials are always recommended to access the quality of the final product. According to our experience pre-drying of FG663b1 is not required unless it is highly humid.

NOTE: The information submitted in this document is based on our current knowledge and experience. In view of many factors that may affect processing and application, these data do not relieve processors of the responsibility of carrying out their own

tests and experiments; neither do they imply and legally binding assurance for a special purpose. It is the responsibility of those to whom we supply our products to ensure that any proprietary rights and existing laws and legislation are observed.